Smithers RCMP is advising residents to be cautious while online due to the internet being full of scammers.

Police are advising of a few complaints they have received because of scams.

The first complaint was of an email scam.

Scammers claiming to be Canada Post sent an email to the complainant indicating their parcel had been rerouted and needed their information again.

According to police, the complainant provided their information thinking it was needed to get the parcel back on track.

The complainants bank then called them stating the scammer had received their personal information.

RCMP received another report of an email scam where the emailer requested the recipient purchase Google Play Gift Cards and provide the usage codes to activate the card.

Police said the complainants recognized this was a scam and reported it to the RCMP.

Another file police are advising are of a fraudulent cheque.

According to the RCMP the complainant was selling an item on Kijiji and conversed with someone who was interested in their item.

Police added the seller felt suspicious of the buyer’s story, so they waited until they received the cheque before sending the item.

The complainant then took the cheque to the bank where it was confirmed it was a counterfeit.

The complainant did not send the item and is not out of money.

RCMP is advising anyone who is suspicious or a victim of a scam to report it to the Canadian Anti- Fraud Centre online or by phone at 1-888-495-8501.

Meanwhile, on March 31, police responded to a number of files which started with an assault investigation.

An intoxicated 19 year-old male assaulted another man in an apartment building.

He resisted arrest and fought with the RCMP and was taken to hospital for assessment.

During the investigation into the assault police received three different Mental Health Act files which were received within one hour of each other and required priority response.

According to police, the male arrested for assault was cleared by the hospital for incarceration and was lodged into a cell.

The files reported were a part of the 93 new files that were opened during the week of Mar 25 to Mar 31.