The new provincial restrictions preventing indoor dining has resulted in the Smithers Salvation Army to return to bagged lunches.

Earlier this year residents were able to eat inside the soup kitchen.

Director of the Bulkley Valley Salvation Army Adam Marshall said it was nice having a sense of normalcy but understands why the restrictions have been made.

“We’re trying to connect with our clients another way but, at the end of the day we’re limited to our opportunities,” he said.

Marshall added how the soup kitchen is running is similar to how it ran at the start of the pandemic.

He also said besides indoor dining not being available at the soup kitchen the Salvation Army’s services have not been impacted.

“Our services are still available and our food band and soup kitchen services aren’t reduced, they are just adjusted,” Marshall said.

He also added that once the restrictions on indoor dining is lifted clients will be able to eat inside the soup kitchen.