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Mining Zone Qualifiers in Smithers Work Yard

Mining qualifications were held in the Smithers Work yard today (Thursday) in preparation for this weekends Provincials competition.

Six Mining teams from North-central and South-central BC were in duking it out for a shot with BC’s best, battling in rope rescue, first aid, written, and fire tasks.

The top teams in each event will move on.

Huckleberry Mine’s Coach Dwayne Allen wants to win but knows there’s the ultimate goal is more than just hardware.

“Team comradery is very important. teams get along well, it’s friends that you’ve seen throughout the years, but the winning and the trophies are a big part of it as well,” he says

The Provincial Mine Rescue and First Aid Competition will take place in Heritage Park in Smithers on Saturday.

Today’s results won’t be calculated until later this evening.

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