As the weather continues to gradually warm up Swift Water Rescue is reminding residents to be safe while out on the water.

According to Manager of Swift Water Rescue Todd James, the main thing that residents should bring while going on the water is to wear personal protective equipment.

He added the PPE will protect yourself from the water and its temperature.

James said to wear clothing appropriate for the water temperature.

“In the early spring it can be from one to three degrees and so you have to have really adequate clothing and that’s basically wearing anything hot and related,” he said.

James also said that later on in the spring and the summer his main concern is log jams and wood being piled up.

“We can easily get pushed into those features if they were in an inner tube or floating so log jams and wood are the real major hazards that we have to be aware of,” he said.

James added that a life jacket should still be worn if the water is knee deep and no current as it can still pose a hazard.

According to James, during the spring Swift Water Rescue normally responds to around 0 to 3 rescues in the spring but it increases in the summer to 12 to 15 rescues.