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Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP calls federal budget a mixed bag

Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach has expressed mixed feelings regarding the Federal Budget that was released this week.

The Federal Government unveiled $104 billion in new spending including $30 billion for a National Child Care Program which will include $10 a day child care by 2025.

According to Bachrach, many families in the North are struggling with the cost of child care and the availability.

He said bringing in affordable child care has been an NDP priority.

“We will be holding them [Liberals] to it, this is something we want to get done, it’s decades later then it should have been but it is good to see money in the budget for child care,” Bachrach said.

He added the NDP were hoping to see something within the Budget regarding National Pharmacare.

Bachrach also said he has heard from constituents regarding the struggle of the cost of prescriptions.

“The Liberals have been promising for decades that they are going to bring in some kind of universal Pharmacare program and yet we saw nothing in the budget so, we’re really disappointed that they have broken that promise,” he said.

Meanwhile, a vote of non-confidence following the budget could potentially trigger a Federal election.

Bachrach added the NDP felt a Federal Election would be irresponsible.

The NDP is expected to support the budget.

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