The Bulkley Valley Christian School (BVCS) students will be participating in their annual Litter-a- thon highway clean-up next week. 

On May 6, students from grade seven through 12 will be on both sides of Highway 16 between Telkwa and Evelyn. 

The event is in cooperation with Dawson Road Maintenance. 

“The students’ efforts to clean up the visual environment have been appreciated by Bulkley Valley residents for over 30 years. It’s an expression of community and environmental care and an important students’ fundraising opportunity,” said a statement by BVCS.

Donations for the Litter A thon are made by local businesses, families, and individuals each year, and proceeds are directed to student accounts for extracurricular fees and course activities.

According to the statement, students may not use or withdraw the proceeds outside of school-based initiatives. 

Travellers are being advised to use additional caution while driving on Highway 16 during May 6.