The M&M event with the Northern Lights Wildlife Society (NLWS) begins Saturday (May 1). 

According to the NLWS, the annual event helps return bears to the wild while also feeding the cubs arriving now. 

It also added the proceeds go towards helicopter and fuel costs for grizzly and black bear release and milk powder. 

Co-Founder of NLWS Angelika Langen said with all the restrictions the online events are super important. 

“This year it is especially important because all of our costs have risen due to the pandemic and we are facing more expenses than we usually do to get the bears to get out there [the wild],” she said. 

Langen added the number of animals they have this year has increased slightly.

She also said in 2020 there were a variety of species that the wildlife society has not seen before. 

“With people being at home and moving around in their neighbourhoods there were a lot more observant and they caught things more, so we had a lot more various animals which were challenging and fun at the same time,” Langen said.

She added the fundraising goal for the event is $20,000.

The event will run until May 15.