The Walk to End ALS in Burns Lake will be going virtual again this year.

The walk will be held Saturday (Jun 19) and will raise awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease and to mark International ALS Awareness Day.

According to the Executive Director for ALS Society of B.C. Wendy Toyer, anyone can participate and they can choose their community on the Walk to End ALS website or choose the virtual option.

Toyer said last year the ALS walk went virtual because of the COVID-19 pandemic which caused a bit of a negative impact.

“We literally had seven weeks to pivot from an in person event to virtual so we went from 5,000 walkers around the province to around 500,” she said.

Toyer added she has felt encouraged by the volunteers who have organized the different walks across the Province.

She also said the different communities have had to do innovative ways for the walk due to it being virtual.

“In Burns Lake we have a gal who has made this absolutely exquisite quilt, took her nine months to make and that’s being put into a 50/50 draw so people can bid on it and that money will go towards the walk in Burns Lake,” she said.

Toyer added they have seen the numbers in registrations increase this year and the donations have also increased to where they would normally be.

Anyone wanting to register for the event can do so on the Walk to End ALS website and either choose the community they wish to support or choose virtual.