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SD54 way ahead of “New” Aboriginal Curriculum

BC school’s curriculum changes won’t be at all shocking to District 54 students.

Starting next year, the BC government recently announced school programming will have stronger focuses on aboriginal history and culture. This is a response to the recently released Truth and Reconciliation of Canada.

Bulkley Valley Teachers’ Union President Ilona Weiss says it’s taken this long to be addressed by the province because the topic was almost taboo.

“First Nations people didn’t want to talk about it because of the trauma and it makes people re-live the trauma,” she says. “and teachers in the school largely weren’t aware of it because no one was talking about it.’

Aboriginal-focused curriculums will begin in the Fall for students in kindergarten to grade 9.

Students in grade 10 – 12 will likely have similar studies available in 2016.

Photo was taken from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s website.

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