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Dust devil touches down in Houston

A tornado did not touch down in Houston, B.C. according to Environment Canada.

A video that was posted over the weekend to social media deemed the weather event a tornado but it was actually a dust devil.

According to Meteorologist Terri Lang an investigation was done into the video and it was deemed a dust devil because of the lack of a connection to a cloud.

Lang said the difference between a dust devil and a tornado is that they are formed differently.

“When we see something like this we have to see that connection to a cloud, the rotation comes from the cloud where dust devils form completely differently, they come from really rapid heating” she said.

Lang also said in the North dust devils are rare.

“Often because you’re further north you don’t necessarily get that intense heating but, this would be the time of year that they would occur,” she said.

Lang added dust devils can sometimes be strong and community members should view from further away.

The dust devil did not cause any damage.

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