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Elections Canada says early planning needed for voting by mail

The September 20th Federal Election is coming up, and if you want to vote by mail, Elections Canada advises that you plan early.

The Elections Canada website says you have to apply to vote by mail, which you can do so online or by going to an Elections Canada office, and your application has to reach them by September 14.

After your application has been approved, you will get a voting kit in the mail.

Once you’ve chosen the candidate in your riding, you write the name on the ballot and mail it back to Elections Canada.

“If you apply to vote by mail, you can’t change your mind,” said Spokesperson for Elections Canada, Andrea Marantz.

“Once people are registered to vote by mail they’re struck off the electors list. So this is to ensure nobody is voting twice.”

Anyone who is part of a vulnerable population, is a student away from home, or knows they will be away during advance polls and election day is being asked to consider applying to vote by mail.

Marantz adds that anyone who is affected by wildfires should consider voting by mail as well.

“You can ask that your ballot be sent to another address. For instance, if you have a friend or relative that lives in a community that’s entirely safe from the fires, you can request that your ballot be sent to that address.”

The Elections Canada website says voting at advance polls or on election day is still the most efficient and simplest method.

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