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Council of Forest Industries President wants balanced approach to sector

Over 275 leaders from forestry and labour organizations in BC have issued an open letter to the province calling for a clear path forward on old growth.

One of the industry leaders speaking up is, Council of Forest Industries President Susan Yurkovich.

She believes there is a strong desire to be an even stronger leader in conservation in BC.

“We value that as British Columbians. And we certainly support that as a sector and we also value the jobs, the economic activity, and the benefits that flow from the sector including old-growth harvest.”

Yurkovich stated there isn’t much argument from industry groups on wanting to be on top in terms of forest practices and management.

“I think we would also like to make sure that choices that are taken have a socio-economic lens on them. We are talking about people’s lives, jobs, and communities that are dependent on the revenues from the paycheques that come from forest workers.”

At the end of the day, Yurkovich along with the sector wants a balanced approach.

“It’s totally possible to be excellent from an environmental perspective, be a leader in conservation and have a healthy, sustainable forest sector that provides benefits for all British Columbians,” added Yurkovich.

The open letter is being issued as the province continues to implement recommendations coming out of the Old Growth Strategic Review.

Signatories from the letter also include associations, labour groups, and leaders whose members represent the 100,000 jobs supported by BC’s forest sector.

To view the letter, click here.

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