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HomeNewsSD 54 sends notice to parents regarding bus vandalism

SD 54 sends notice to parents regarding bus vandalism

Parents of students who use the School District 54 buses are being asked to talk to their children about vandalism.

In a notice to parents, the district said it was found in violation because of the number of slashed seats on the buses by the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement.

The notice added vandalism can risk putting buses out of commission and risking cancellation of bus runs while repairs are being completed.

Drivers are now required to do a thorough check of the buses twice a day, while cameras will be monitored to find offenders.

Any students found vandalizing the bus will be issued an invoice for up to $1000.

“We ask that you talk to your children and stress the importance of our buses to our education system, noting that it is a privilege not a right to have access to transportation,” the notice said.

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