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HomeNews2% of healthcare workers in BC are unvaccinated

2% of healthcare workers in BC are unvaccinated

Minister of Health Adrian Dix gave some statistics on the COVID-19 vaccination rate of healthcare workers across BC.

Dix said that 1,548 vaccinated healthcare workers have been added to the workforce since Friday.

By health authority, 2% across the province are unvaccinated workers:

  • 5% in Interior Health
  • 4% in Northern Health
  • 1% in Providence Health
  • 2% in Provincial Health Services Authority
  • 1% in Vancouver Coastal Health
  • 2% Vancouver Island Health

“That gives you a sense of the impact, the FTE impact of the healthcare mandates,” said Dix.

Of the 3,071 unvaccinated healthcare workers, 1,032 are casuals, 989 are full-time, 819 are part-time, and 16 are not identified:

  • Allied Health has 20,379 workers, 420 are unvaccinated
  • Emergency Medicine and Critical Care has 1,448 workers, 28 are unvaccinated
  • General Medicine has 5,445 in the category, 105 are unvaccinated
  • Healthcare Assistance has 7,548 workers, 247 are unvaccinated
  • Internal Medicine has 1,703 workers, 19 are unvaccinated
  • Nurses have 40,181 registered workers, 906 are unvaccinated
  • Paramedics have 2,837 workers, 86 are unvaccinated
  • Resident doctors have 1,366 workers, 10 are unvaccinated
  • Specialized surgical units have 1,422 workers, 27 are unvaccinated
  • Cleaning Staff has 37,435 workers, 1,061 are unvaccinated

“The number has continued to rise of the percentage of those who are fully vaccinated, and partially vaccinated is falling, and not vaccinated is falling significantly.”

Dix also added that the flu shot has had a sizeable uptake and that as of November 8th at least 485,049 doses of the influenza vaccine have been distributed in BC, and that they know the number is much higher.

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