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Food distribution is still making its way to BC

A province-wide state of emergency is in place in BC, but a trucking company wants people to know that supplies are still getting to where they need to go.

Chris Sunk, General Manager for Pacific Coast Distributions, said many distribution hubs were moved into Alberta a few years ago.

“The food-based customers that we work with, and the retail-based customers that we work with, out of Alberta are in the process of trying to ramp up business to supply Central and Northern BC from their distribution hubs in Alberta.”

This was reinforced by Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth, who said that routes from Edmonton into much of Northern BC were still wide open.

In terms of areas more drastically affected by the floods, Sunk said that there was still access into the U.S.

“We still have lanes from the States, a lot of our food comes from the U.S. and there is that ability to still get and feed into the various areas.”

He added that it’s just a matter of tackling it differently, and figuring out the supply chain.

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