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HomeNewsBulkley Valley, Lakes District sees mild November

Bulkley Valley, Lakes District sees mild November

The Bulkley Valley and Lakes District had a warmer than average November, according to Environment Canada.

According to Climatologist Geoff Coulson, the average temperature for November in the region was 0.3 degrees compared to the average -2.1 degrees.

He added especially during the second half of the month it was milder than normal.

Coulson said as for precipitation it was wetter than normal.

“Total precipitation of rain and melted snow, 81.3mm for the month of November and the long term average is 55mm,” he said.

Coulson added that for the fall season the average temperature for the region was 4.8 degrees compared to the long term average of 4.1 degrees.

He also said across the province there will be a change in the weather pattern for the month of December.

“We are seeing a shift in that trend now and a return to more seasonal temperatures as we finish off the work week and then somewhat colder temperatures for a good chunk of the month of December,” Coulson said

He added that it is expected for the winter months it will be colder than the long term average.

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