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HomeNews$1 million in funding going towards Lytton’s recovery

$1 million in funding going towards Lytton’s recovery

The wildfire season devastated the Village of Lytton earlier this year, but $1 million from the province is now going towards supporting the community.

$500,000 will go towards boosting the local economy, and the other $500,000 will be used for operational activities.

“With homes and businesses shuttered or lost, the Village of Lytton is financially challenged to keep its operations going. With this funding, the village can continue its critical work on the ground to get the community back up and running,” said Jennifer Rice, Parliamentary Secretary of Emergency Preparedness.

“By working closely with officials in Lytton, we will continue to do everything we can to overcome the challenges they identify and expedite recovery efforts. I know from my own lived experience how helpful funds like these can be to help navigate a successful community recovery,” said Roly Russell, Parliamentary Secretary of Rural Development.

Both Rice and Russell have been appointed as liaisons between the province and the village.

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