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Town support requested for the outdoor rink near Central Park

Two locals who helped run the Outdoor Rink near Central Park have decided not to invest time in operating the rink for the winter season.

According to a letter to Town Council this is due to the lack of support by the Town after it was removed because of safety issues.

It added while the Town has conducted some activities more could be done like preparing the site for flooding, working collaboratively to develop the area for multi seasonal use and recognize and designate the area for recreation.

Council has voted in favour of the Town providing maintenance for the structure surrounding the rink up to $3500.

Councillor Greg Brown said without providing support for the rink there is a risk of losing the momentum by volunteers.

“I would like to see us find a solution for this year, so we continue to nurture and foster volunteer efforts because once volunteer efforts are lost, they’re hard to get back,” he said.

The letter continued to say working on the rink was a great benefit to the community but it is now felt that it is too much work to get the rink in a reasonable state.

Councillor Mika Meyer also said the Town should provide the support necessary for the volunteers.

“I want to stress the importance of outdoor recreation, especially in our community, having something like an outdoor rink, this is something so many people in our community look forward to once winter comes,” she said.

The letter added it is unclear whether the area is available for a rink this year.

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