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HomeNewsBC Government will announce plans for COVID-19 rapid tests next week

BC Government will announce plans for COVID-19 rapid tests next week

Take home COVID-19 rapid tests are becoming a hot topic in BC as other provinces are getting the green light from their health officials to use them.

Minister of Health Adrian Dix said take home tests will be available for BC residents early in the new year, but said more information on rapid tests is coming.

“We’ll be rolling out our rapid testing plan coming up next Tuesday (Dec. 21st) in terms of how we intend to both use those tests and to enhance them by using other tests that can be used individually.”

“There are about 24 different kinds of rapid tests that are licensed in Canada, and none of the tests are on label designed as at home tests that are available now,” added Dix.

He also commented on people wanting to travel this holiday season, saying that people should follow the Federal guidelines.

“I think the advice by the Federal Government with respect to travel is timely, as the Premier has said. And it’s pretty straightforward, if it isn’t essential, don’t go.”

“The health measures are changing in different jurisdictions, and I would expect more change to follow in the days to come. And so, whether you’re travelling around the world or across Canada, this is the time to exercise caution,” added Dix.

In terms of COVID-19 cases rising, and the R value going up in areas like Vancouver Coastal Health, Dix said its not events like hockey games that are causing this rise.

“What we’re seeing I think is that transmission has not been related largely to large organized gatherings, such as hockey games, but also cultural events and others.”

“The issue in Vancouver Coastal Health, and we’ve seen in Vancouver Island Health as well is what we call unorganized events, where people come together for parties and social events which happens frequently this time of year,” said Dix.

He added that Dr Bonnie Henry is monitoring the cases across the province, and further restrictions could be on the table in the coming days.

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