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BC Lumber Trade Council applauds Ottawa’s decision to challenge US softwood lumber duties

“These are egregious charges that should not be in place”

That’s from BC Lumber Trade Council Susan Yurkovich who is applauding the federal government’s decision to challenge the US softwood lumber duties under the new NAFTA agreement, which also includes Mexico.

Last month, the Americans nearly doubled its tariff rate to 17.9% after it was 8.99 previously.

Yurkovich told Vista Radio the duties in place have a negative impact on everyone, not just those living and working in BC.

“The duties that we are paying are piling up and those are funds not being spent or planned on equipment, training, people, and communities here in British Columbia and indeed across the country.”

“The United States is not able to meet its own domestic demand so it just seems unconscionable that they would continue to keep these duties in place, which harm Canadian producers and British Columbia producers and workers but they also harm American consumers.”

When asked if the challenge is successful, could this lead to a lowering of the rates – Yurkovich responded by stating it’s a very complicated process.

“This is a challenge of the administrative review two rights and we are already in administrative review three. Unfortunately, the cycle continues and we do plan to continue to fight on all fronts so this is part of this.”

“It’s a very long and drawn-out process.”

B.C. is the largest Canadian exporter of softwood lumber to the U.S.

The province’s forest industry supports approximately 100,000 direct and indirect jobs.

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