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PG Airport cautions about busy flight season

Flying out of YXS can be an ordeal this time of the year, as many factors are contributing to a busy holiday season at the airport.

Airlines faced a big problem last weekend when both of the de-icing trucks broke down, causing flights to come to a standstill.

Gord Duke with the Prince George Airport Authority said things have been busy even before the Christmas season.

“Since mid-November when the road network was impacted by the slides and flooding, we’ve seen a definite uptick in the number of passengers travelling to and from Prince George.”

Duke added that COVID-19 has affected flying as well, noting that it’s not just the decrease in flights available.

“I think the number one things is the proof of vaccination requirement that is in place now, and would encourage anybody that’s travelling not just over the Christmas season but going forward, that you leave yourself a little extra time and make sure you have the required documentation.”

Duke said that it’s the airline’s responsibility to check to make sure you have your vaccine card, but CATSA will also be doing random checks during security screening.

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