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HomeNewsUNBC student uses TikTok to showcase Indigenous achievement

UNBC student uses TikTok to showcase Indigenous achievement

TikTok is a social media platform that many people associate with short video entertainment, but one UNBC student is using the platform as part of their Doctoral Dissertation.

Panina Harding’s research focuses on Indigenous Environmental Planning, Indigenous Research Methodologies and Experience of Place, as well as Indigenous Data Sovereignty.

“So things like research ethics and health. Those research relationships are built from Universities and Indigenous communities, and how can we strengthen the respect for Indigenous sovereignty over our knowledge,” said Harding.

“TikTok for me has become a platform to share my day to day experiences as an Indigenous woman in the highest level of a degree program as you can get.”

“I’m there to show other Indigenous people that we can break the glass ceiling in the academy, we have representation at this level,” added Harding.

She added that a program put on by the National Screen Institute has helped her in building her platform.

The TikTok Accelerator for Indigenous Creators program helps train people on how to navigate the social media platform with best practices and audience engagement, while also offering training, media career building, and social responsibility and digital wellness.

Harding said this gave her experience with video and sound production, and will allow her to create a documentary series that will be the final part of her Doctoral Dissertation.

“It’s been really valuable, it’s been really eye opening. I learned that I can actually record all five films and edit them on my Ipad, when I buy an Ipad. I don’t need to buy a lot of very technical equipment.”

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