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Sixth coldest December identified in the Bulkley Valley and Lakes by Environment Canada

Environment Canada says the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District had one of it’s colder December on record.

This December was the sixth coldest as portions of the month were very cold.

According to Meteorologist Brian Proctor, for the month of December the average temperature was minus 14.2 compared to the normal of minus 7.1.

He said with the cold during December it was also drier than average.

“The total precipitation was 24.5mm normally we see about 41.9 so, we saw 58.5% of our normal precip in the month of December so, it was the ninth dries on record,” Proctor said.

He added that in 2021 the two regions saw average temperatures.

Proctor also said in January it is expected to be colder than normal.

“A little colder than normal so we’ll see more cold temperatures, maybe not as bitter that we’ve seen in the last little while but in general terms a colder than normal situation is what we’re likely to see,” he said.

Temperatures are expected to be around the early minus twenty’s this week.

Snowfall is also expected on Thursday (Jan 6) and over the weekend.

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