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HomeNewsMore jobs added in December for North Coast-Nechako region

More jobs added in December for North Coast-Nechako region

The unemployment rate went down in December to close out 2021 in the North Coast- Nechako region.

According to Labour Division Analyst Vincent Ferrao, unemployment went down to 6.1%.

He added even though the unemployment rate went down from November to December, it went up from a year ago where the unemployment rate was 5.5%.

“The 6.1% in December represents 2,800 people who are looking for work and we also have 43,000 people who are employed,” Ferrao said.

He also explained where the region saw the most job growth during the month of December.

“It happened in the service industry specifically in professional scientific and technical services and also public administration,” Ferrao said.

He added that there was also some growth within the natural resource sector.

Provincially, the unemployment rate held steady in December at 5.3%.

Additionally, the national jobless mark in December fell to 5.9% compared to 6% in November.

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