Hazelton Secondary School has once again been closed due to a shortage of staff and an inability to provide the required level to ensure the safety and supervision of the students. 

The closure is in effect for today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday).

According to a notice by the school district, it will be reviewing the workforce availability for the remainder of the week tomorrow afternoon. 

A functional closure is a part of new safety measures that have been implemented for the return to school after the winter break.

Two ways that a school could move to a functional closure include:

  • Northern Health could recommend a functional closure of a school due to the COVID-19 case count in or related to the school.
  • The school district may close a school due to a staff shortage or be able to provide a required level of student safety.

An update is expected for parents and caregivers on the district’s website tomorrow (Wednesday). 

On Monday, Hazelton Secondary School was also closed because of a heating issue that was resolved that afternoon.