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HomeNewsVanderhoof resident sells stickers to help support healthcare workers

Vanderhoof resident sells stickers to help support healthcare workers

People across BC used to clank pots and pans together, and march past hospitals to support healthcare workers when the pandemic first started, and one Vanderhoof resident wants to bring back some of that support.

Claire Nielson is selling heart stickers for vehicles in Vanderhoof, and said the proceeds go back to healthcare workers.

“I wanted to start with our community and make them available at the dollar store by donation. And they are meant for the car windows, so you put them on with a little bit of moisture and they stay stuck until you decide to peel them off.”

“They are by donation, and all money raised, 100% of it, goes to the hospital auxiliary of whatever community is raising funds,” added Nielson.

She said she was really distraught by the protests that were happening outside hospitals, and some of the abuse that frontline workers were taking.

“I have nurses in my family, and my best friend is a nurse, and they were reporting back to me what it was like. How tired they were, how overwhelmed they were, how overworked they were.”

“And then to have to go through the protests, and some of the things that were screamed at them, and being spat at. And it just broke my heart,” said Nielson.

“I talked to a lot of health professionals who felt that the support had waned, and that they were afraid, and they felt worried for their families, and there were some threats that were going on.”

Nielson said she wanted to show frontline workers that we are still thinking of them and supporting them.

She added that Krystle Teichroeb at 54 Apparel Graphics donated the stickers to Nielson, and that if she was still willing to make them, and if other communities wanted them, they could be sold in other places across BC.

“I have offered it to Prince George. I vend at the Farmer’s Market every Saturday, and I’ve put it to the board that I’d like to have them available on my table.”

“I do just want to continually highlight the struggles, and the hard work, and dedication that the frontline workers have had to endure.”

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