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HomeNewsSpirit still Alive throughout Glenwood Renos

Spirit still Alive throughout Glenwood Renos

Glenwood Hall will be re-shingled in August, which will cap off over-200,000 dollar renovation project.

Despite the new walls, sinks, and electrical work, the renovations haven’t taken away from the Spirit of the Hall.

Generations have celebrated birthdays, weddings, and other special moments there and workers didn’t want to lose that homey feeling in all the renovations.

Mark Perry says keeping the building’s integrity was the top priority.

“The floor is exactly the same. Three of the four walls are exactly the same. We did not touch what we didn’t have to,” he says.

Perry says he believes the spirit has been kept alive.

“Most people that came in didn’t even know what we did! I think that’s a good sign.”

The Hall is still collecting funds to finish off the roof. They are about $1700 off their target goal.

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