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B4B project moving ahead

Boarding 4 Brant’s proposed skatepark is practically real after today’s town committee meeting.

The planning group unanimously agreed to move forward with the proposal, which will extend the current skatepark by 10,000 square feet. This will be safer for all ages, and create better flow for users.

Boarding 4 Brant founder Jason Krauskopf says he’s excited for what’s next.

“As far as a group, Boarding 4 Brand, we do have the money to move forward to the next stage, so that’s also exciting,” he says, “all we need is the full approval and support and we can start drawing up some plans.”

Town Council seems to be on board, especially Councillor and Project Liaison Phil Brienesse, who you might just see out there.

“You know, I will definitely go out on my bike, for sure, for a few rounds. I might haul the skateboard out and take a tour around, I don’t know, I don’t want any broken ankles though. It’s been awhile.”

The new skate park will be decided on at the next council meeting on July 14th.

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