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Saik’uz Chief says timeline unknown for Lejac Residential School site investigation

It’s not known when an investigation will occur on the grounds of the former Lejac Residential School east of Fraser Lake.

The school closed its doors in 1976.

Saik’uz Chief Priscilla Mueller told Vista Radio any type of investigation would be launched by the Nadleh (Notley) Whu’ten but a firm timeline hasn’t been set.

“The Chiefs will be involved. We haven’t really heard too much but I know they will be doing an investigation in that site, I just don’t know when.”

“I am not too sure how far along or how ready they are to start the investigation but I know they are working towards it. I know the majority of our members attended Lejac.”

This follows the Williams Lake First Nation announcing its preliminary results on Tuesday from geophysical testing of lands around the St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School.

Using ground-penetrating radar and other technology, the First Nation reported 93 possible bodies in the 14 hectares that have been searched so far.

“We are definitely not surprised by the findings. I am pretty sure we are going to be hearing a lot more once First Nations across Canada start doing their investigations into the missing children,” added Mueller.

“We are really grieving. We lit a sacred fire brought community members together and had support for our elders and people who attended the residential school. It’s a very, very tough time for them.”

Mueller added the Lejac site has one thing in common with the St.Joseph’s Mission.

“The sad thing about Lejac is that it had an incinerator so we know a lot of the missing children that is probably what happened to them. It makes it a bit harder to think about how you fathom what happened there.”

“Because the school is torn down, they didn’t want to remember all of the bad things that happened (in Lejac). They tore it right down but the investigation will bring up a lot of memories when it does happen but we just need to be prepared and have those supports in place.”

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