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HomeNewsHundreds take part in Freedom Convoy in Smithers

Hundreds take part in Freedom Convoy in Smithers

Hundreds of vehicles and trucks drove along Highway 16 and surrounding streets to show solidarity for the freedom convoy 2022 that is currently in Ottawa this morning (Saturday).

The local convoy left around 10:30 a.m. that featured many local truckers and supporters of the convoy.

The convoy that left last week is protesting a recent vaccination mandate for cross-border truckers and other health restrictions.

Conan Peterson, who participated in the rally said many people across the region are participating.

“It’s basically everyone from the Bulkley Valley, Smithers, a lot of Houston people, we’re going to do a parade through town and then we’re all going to follow each other to Houston after,” he said.

According to Peterson, he is expecting 100 to 150 commercial vehicles to participate and at least 300 to 400 personal vehicles.

Peterson also said he was participating because he feels things need to get back to normal.

“We just want this nonsense to end, end the mandates, let’s get back to normal, let everybody have their businesses back, give the jobs back,” he said.

According to Peterson, this is no longer about the vaccines and COVID-19.

Many supporters of this rally also gathered along highway 16 and surrounding streets.

Last weekend, the national Freedom Convoy 2022 reached Smithers in the afternoon before heading to Ottawa.

As of this morning (Saturday), thousands of people were in Ottawa, which didn’t include more people who were on the way.

Peterson added places across the country are showing support for the rally with local events like the one being held in the Bulkley Valley.

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