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Freedom Convoy organizers to stick around the nation’s capital

Organizers of this weekend’s truckers protest say they plan to stay in Ottawa for some time yet.

They note that millions of dollars have been raised through their Go Fund Me campaign, money that will enable them to continue their action…..and they’ll keep at it until all vaccine passport and mandate requirements are ended.

The truckers are upset with the requirement that they are vaccinated against COVID-19 to cross back into Canada if they wish to avoid a 14-day quarantine.

The U-S government has imposed a similar restriction, something the organizer’s claim was done at Canada’s request.

Besides the usual traffic jams, Ottawa police report many cases of disruptive and threatening behaviour, but no violence.

Some protesters harassed staff at a homeless shelter into feeding them when local restaurants couldn’t seat them due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Others walked over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, verbally abused Ottawa residents wearing face masks, and crowded into a downtown shopping mall while refusing to follow government masking requirements.

The organizers add they plan similar protests in provincial capitals where most of the mandates have been legislated.

Meanwhile, BC saw rallies all over the province on Saturday.

There were hundreds of big rigs, trucks, and cars on hand throughout the Cariboo, Prince George, Nechako Valley, and Bulkley Valley Lakes District

Drivers were honking their horns and waving to their many supporters.

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