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HomeNewsBulkley Valley and Lakes sees near normal January

Bulkley Valley and Lakes sees near normal January

The Bulkley Valley and Lakes District were half a degree above average in January according to Environment Canada.

Meteorologist Doug Lundquist added that there was more precipitation last month but not by much.

There is normally 43mm of precipitation that falls in the region but 47mm fell during the month of January.

“In reason to say you were normal but, it was not normal because it was colder for a while and then warmer but, that is pretty normal for us for the month of January,” said Lundquist.

He also explained what the two regions can expect for the month of February.

“It’s highly likely for you guys in the warmer than average category, the bad news, I did look for Spring which starts on March 1 and for March, April, May highly likely for the cold category,” Lundquist said.

He added we are currently in the middle of some arctic air but it is expected to warm up by this weekend.

Flurries are also expected throughout the week.

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