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Warm up expected for Bulkley Valley and Lakes

Environment Canada says the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District should expect some snow within the coming days.

According to Meteorologist Brian Proctor, a warm front is moving into the region which will produce a large amount of snowfall North of the region.

He added that there is a chance that there could be some freezing rain this evening (Thursday) and overnight.

Proctor said it is important to drive to the road conditions.

“Be careful if we do see the freezing precipitation because it can make very very severe driving conditions very quickly,” he said.

Proctor added that drivers should carry a winter safety kit and a vehicle that is full of fuel.

He also said that it is expected for the temperature to increase significantly over the weekend.

“We’re looking for Saturday highs of about seven, we look what’s going to happen on Sunday highs are about eight so, that snowpack is going to be melting so, anywhere in the communities that have storm sewers, they get plugged and lots of water ponding,” Proctor said.

Next week is also expected to see temperatures in the single digits.

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