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HomeNewsProvince will continue to follow Public Health Officer’s advice: Premier Horgan

Province will continue to follow Public Health Officer’s advice: Premier Horgan

“I would suggest we’re going to follow the same path we’ve been on since the pandemic began, and that is to take advice and counsel from public health officials.”

Those are the words of Premier John Horgan talking on the possibility of lifting COVID-19 restrictions.

“Restrictions, direction and advice on restrictions will come from the Public Health Office in the days, [Dr. Bonnie Henry] made it clear that she has plans for Family Day.”

Horgan said he hasn’t been informed by Henry on her plans, but he has a vague idea based on hospitalizations being stable as well as  cases coming down.

Dr. Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix are scheduled to provide a COVID-19 update tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3.

Both Alberta and Saskatchewan announced plans to lift COVID-19 restrictions today.

“I understand the work that the public health officials are doing with Minister Dix and others, to ensure that we’re in sync with the public and the virus, not in sync with a handful of protestors,” Horgan said.

“I do absolutely recognize the right of people to dissent to public policy, I come from a party of dissent. I couldn’t count the number of protests I’ve been to in my life.”

“I don’t recall at anytime ever trying to deny the rights of other citizens, I don’t recall at anytime participating in anything that involved threats and intimidation to other citizens.”

“We certainly welcome those who want to exercise their right to dissent, but we do not, and I don’t believe the vast majority of British Columbians, support intruding into the lives of other people who are trying with a very challenging time.”

Horgan says he hopes people continue to express their discontent in a way that does not interfere with the lives of other people.

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