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Town of Smithers staff working to clear water pooling and fix potholes

The Town of Smithers is asking for patience as maintenance staff are dealing with water pooling and potholes around the community.

According to a Facebook post by the Town, staff are actively out trying to clear frozen storm drains after warm temperatures hit the region.

The Town says it has been more receiving reports regarding the road conditions within the community.

Mayor Gladys Atrill said that while we are seeing variable winter temperatures to be mindful of pooling water and potholes.

“We just need to be paying attention and be a bit patient, the crews are out there, they’re doing the very best they can and it’s crummy for everyone,” she said.

Atrill added that when these potholes and ponding are identified to be careful.

She also said there have been aggressive phone calls coming into the town regarding the ponding and road conditions.

“The Town staff are human and nobody appreciates being treated in a bad way especially when they are out doing the best they can so, our staff are human too and they really try to do a great job for everyone,” Atrill said.

She added if you see town staff working within the community to give them some space so the work can be done safely.

If a problem is seen on Town streets to contact the works department with the location.

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