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Changes to school events and performances coming to BC schools

You’ll soon be able to watch your kid’s plays or school events in person.

BC Teacher’s Federation President Teri Mooring said an addendum that deals with spectators in schools expires Friday (Feb.18th).

“So what this means is that there can be spectators in schools for sports events and performances.”

Mooring added that there will still be capacity limits, either 50% capacity, or 50 people in attendance.

She noted that one of the most important things school districts can do is to take the reopening slowly.

“What we’re really hoping is that school districts recognize that both staff and families and students are all in different places in terms of their comfort level with the lifting of restrictions.”

Masks are still going to be required to attend indoor events at schools for now, and that is going to be one of the orders reviewed in mid March, and possibly mid April.

“Hopefully everyone understands that how you feel about masks needs to be parked if you want to go into a school and participate in the events that are happening there.”

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