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Pink Shirt Day to remind the community there are many types of bullying

Today (Wednesday) marks Pink Shirt Day across the country, an anti-bullying awareness day.

According to Smithers Secondary School teacher Perry Rath, there are many impacts from bullying.

He added among the impacts include an erosion of sense of self and sense of self.

Rath says with a group of friends it may turn from teasing each other to one friend being the target and they may roll with it,

“That’s a sort of psychological aspect that can carry into a person’s adult life too, it’s that they don’t see themselves as worthy in the same way or that they think they don’t have the same value,” he said.

He also said it’s hard to tell how prevalent bullying is within schools.

“It’s always present, it’s just there’s always that aspect of social dynamics even when you go into the adult world there are different ways that people will relate or intimidate other people,” Rath said.

He added that there are also different forms of bullying such as more obvious signs like picking fights or subtle signs of bullying.

Pink shirt day originally started in 2007.

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