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Novavax COVID-19 vaccine arriving in BC within 10 days

There will be another option when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines in BC.

Dr. Bonnie Henry said the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine is expected to arrive in BC in the next week to 10 days.

“I think this is really good news,” said Dr. Bonnie Henry.

“This is an important new, different class of vaccinations. It is what we call a protein sub-unit vaccine. It’s another option for people who require immunization and need it for work, for people who have had a reaction to an mRNA vaccine.

Henry said it’s another option to make up the doses needed for full protection.

“This is a more traditional type of vaccine,” Henry said.

“We have number of other vaccines that use protein sub-unit technology, including some of the Influenza vaccines, Hepatitis B and Zoster.”

A new online assessment tool and virtual service has also been launched for people to see if they could benefit from one of two COVID-19 anti-viral treatments.

The two therapeutic treatments have been approved for people with confirmed cases of COVID-19 who are at high risk but not in hospital.

The treatments are Sotrovimab, which is given by an infusion, and Paxlovid, which is an anti-viral pill.

“To receive either of these, you have to have a positive COVID-19 test, and the treatments need to be started within the first few days, the first five days in particular of your symptom onset,” Henry said.

These treatments are available to people who are clinically extremely vulnerable, those who are over 60, not fully vaccinated and have one or more chronic conditions, and those who are over 60, not fully vaccinated, and indigenous.

“These are important to help prevent severe illness,” Henry said.

“But it is also a reminder that the most important thing we can do, is preventing getting sick in the first place.”

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