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Bulkley Valley and Lakes Spring could be cooler than normal says Environment Canada

The Bulkley Valley and Lakes District saw warmer than average temperature during the month of February.

According to Environment Canada, the region also had a wetter February than normal for this time of year.

Meteorologist Bobby Sekohn said that the region saw over double the average amount of precipitation.

“We had an average mean temperature of -2.6 degrees compared to the average -4.4 degreed celsius as the climatological norm so, that’s about two degrees above average and then for precipitation we received about 47mm of precipitation compared to the average of 23mm,” he said.

March also marks the start of spring for Environment Canada

Sekhon added that the region saw below average temperatures and near normal precipitation.

He also said for the Bulkley Valley and Lakes the spring season is also looking to be below average for temperatures.

“I’d say about a 70% chance of below average temperatures this spring over March, April and May but, of course that comes with the fact that we could have some warmer and colder spells within that period,” Sehkon said.

As for the month of March, it is expected for the region to go through a transition period from winter to spring.

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