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Smithers residents show support for Ukraine during rally

Many people gathered in Smithers today (Tuesday) at the intersection of Main Street and Highway 16, also known as the goat park to show their support for Ukraine.

The colours of the country’s flag were shown as people dressed in blue and yellow, hung their flag and wore ribbons.

Organizers gave out flags and ribbons for people who wished to have one.

Around 200 people gathered at the park and lined up along Highway 16 to wave their flags condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin for the invasion of the country.

Co-organizer, Luba Kasum said two of her best friends are currently in Ukraine.

“Pretty much it’s been six days now that they have been hiding in the basement with their families, with their kids, coming up to the apartment just to eat a little bit, going to the washroom and then going back into the basement,” she said.

Kasum added that the families are appreciating the support from around the world.

Luba Kasum, Patricia Kolida at the rally in Smithers (supplied by: Lindsay Newman)

“I’m feeling good because there are so many people who came out and happy that people came out and supported us. that’s great but, of course devastating for my family, for my friends,” she said.

The other organizer Patricia Kolida said she believes this is important because it is showing support not only for Ukraine but the countries surrounding the area.

“I think it’s the only way to do it, it’s for their freedom and it’s for our freedom as well,” she said.

Additionally, before the event began the organizers thanked everyone that attended and showed their support.

A fundraiser is being scheduled for March 13 at the UFO restaurant on Main Street in Smithers with the proceeds going towards the people of Ukraine.

It is expected to be held from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and will feature perogies and borscht.

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