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HomeNewsNorthern BC accounts for 18% of distracted driving deaths province-wide

Northern BC accounts for 18% of distracted driving deaths province-wide

Leave your phone alone!

That continues to be the message from ICBC as a recent poll shows 42% of drivers admit to using their phone while behind the wheel once every ten trips.

Northern Road Safety Manager, Doug MacDonald told Vista Radio BC sees an average of 76 deaths per year on average due to distracted driving with the north making up a large portion of them.

“When we break that down into the northern part of the province that is 14 people. So that is really a huge number when you look at the population of Northern BC we actually have 18% of the total fatalities due to distracted driving.”

“We know that people are five times more likely to be in a crash when they are using their cell phone while driving.”

Distracted Driving accounts for more than one in four fatal crashes in the province each year and is the second leading factor in traffic fatalities only behind speeding.

The same poll also noted 93% of respondents believe it’s highly risky to text while behind the wheel.

However, Macdonald was quick to point out another major issue.

“But yet, 42% of drivers admit that they do it at least once every ten trips. That is something that is a bit alarming because we know it is a problem but we are still doing it.”

“We know that about 50% of all of what we are missing when we are on our cell phones when we are distracted, we are not picking up. So, that could be another vehicle that is in front of you, that could be a pedestrian crossing or a cyclist that is on the road that you don’t see because you are busy fixated on your phone.”

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