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New regional geologist relocating to Smithers

Smithers will soon be the home to a new regional geologist for the Northwest region.

Nate Corcoran currently resides in Prince George where he holds the same title ,but plans to move to the region in June.

Corcoran said the northwest region is the most active when it comes to mineral exploration, mining in the province.

“It will be great to do a lot of site visits to active projects in the area and stay up to date with what they’re finding and what’s going on,” he said.

Corcoran added that part of his job is doing public outreach and he will also be a volunteer for the Smithers Exploration Group.

He added that he has heard from companies around the northwest that they are excited to have a regional geologist in the region.

Corcoran said that there have been a couple gaps in the Northwest for the regional geologist role.

“It will be good for them to be able to reach out too and kind of be involved with the geological community in Smithers,” he said.

Additionally, in the Association for Mineral Exploration Report that was issued last month Smithers was named as the top Mineral Exploration Expenditure.

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