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HomeNewsUNBC installs new weather stations to understand the impact of storms

UNBC installs new weather stations to understand the impact of storms

$97,150 was granted from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation’s John R Evans Leaders Fund to go towards a UNBC project.

The Monitoring Extreme Climate and Hydrometeorological Events project will see two weather stations installed in Northern BC to better understand storms and their impact.

“With this new equipment, we will be able to obtain detailed measurements on precipitation and meteorological conditions during atmospheric rivers and other storms,” said Dr Stephen Dery.

“We will be able to profile the atmosphere to characterize the ambient conditions that lead to precipitation formation and how it is distributed at the surface.”

One station will be set up at the UNBC campus of Terrace, and the other will go to Huckleberry Mine.

“These two sites provide counterpoints to track different extremes associated with the same storms.”

“For instance, we will be able to distinguish if meteorological conditions and precipitation associated with atmospheric rivers have specific characteristics relative to other storms.”

Dery said that this also allows them to not have to borrow equipment, and provide long term data, but the setup will probably take them into 2023 before anything can be shared.

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