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HomeNewsInternational Women's Day being celebrated around the world

International Women’s Day being celebrated around the world

Women are being celebrated today (Tuesday) as it is International Women’s Day.

This years theme is Break the Bias, which raises awareness of gender bias, discrimination and stereotypes.

There are many powerful women within the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District including Titi Kunkel who is the Acting Vice President Academic, Students and International.

She has a Doctorate degree and she said there were many things that you had to think about compared to getting one now.

“You knew that your chances were limited but you were going for it anyway, you knew you were going to struggle, but you were going for it anyway, but I was driven by the fact this was something I wanted to do and something I needed to do to advance my career,” she said.

Kunkel added for a majority most women have similar challenges.

She also said gender inequity does not just start within the workplace.

“It’s how we bring up our girls. Are we already helping them or are we enabling gender inequity? So, we need to start those conversations from home from when they are young, when they are little and then help them,” Kunkel said.

The United Nations recognized International Women’s Day in 1975 but started being celebrated in 1911 in Germany, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland.

It celebrates and recognizes Women and Girls social, economic, cultural and political achievements.

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