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BC takes steps towards pay transparency

Consultations are set to begin to bring in legislation around pay transparency in BC.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Gender Equity, Grace Lore, and the Minister of Labour, Harry Bains are looking to close the gender pay gap, as well as address systemic discrimination in the workplace.

“In B.C., women continue to make less, on average, than men,” said Lore.

“Indigenous women, women of colour, immigrant women, and Two-Spirit, non-binary and transgender people also face barriers that others do not. We want to hear from a variety of groups and individuals so that we can build made-in-B.C. pay transparency legislation that will help us address pay inequity and move toward equality.”

The consultations begin this Spring, with Indigenous organizations, public and private sector employer groups, business and union organizations, and groups aimed at creating equal opportunities for women will be approached.

“For over 110 years, people all over the world have reserved this day to show our respect for and recognize the achievements of women and girls,” said Bains.

“We also know the fight for equality is ongoing. This is why we are taking the next step toward our commitment to introduce pay transparency in B.C.”

According to the province, BC is one of four provinces that doesn’t have pay transparency legislation, and also has one of the largest gender pay gaps in Canada, with women making 20% less on average.

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