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HomeNewsCullen reacts to new funding for local projects in the Northwest

Cullen reacts to new funding for local projects in the Northwest

Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen is calling the funding that was announced yesterday (Wednesday) a positive for our local communities.

Houston, Smithers and Witset were all included in the funding for projects like solar panels, a new program and a plaza and entertainment centre.

He added that this fund is one of the more flexible grants he has seen.

Cullen said the diversity of the projects are amazing.

“It’s also understanding the impact of having a lot of industrial development go on in the Northwest that there is an offset, there is something that happens to our towns where we maybe have to improve some things, we have to change the way we do things,” he said.

Cullen added that more intakes are occurring with this fund and communities are bringing forward amazing proposals.

He said that the project in Houston is being well received by the community.

“There’s just dozens of these [projects] all across the region and I really like projects that people can see and touch, things where you get the sense of something changing for the better, a little bit of an investment and putting our tax dollars back into our communities in a way that’s exciting and makes our communities more livable,” Cullen said.

He added that it seems every three months new funding for different projects is announced.

According to Cullen, organizations with projects interested in the fund can reach out to his office.

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