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BC Parks unveils improved online reservation service

Bookings open up starting tomorrow (Monday) for anyone looking for a campsite in BC’s parks.

Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy George Heyman said they took people’s feedback, and came back with an updated website.

“So one of the features of the new system is a cueing system that people who phoned in for vaccination reservations will be familiar with. You may not get to make your reservation immediately, but you’re told where you are in the line, and about how many minutes you have to wait before you can make your reservations.”

He added that demand for BC parks has doubled over the last ten years, and especially over the last two.

Heyman said they modernized the website, as well as increased the server capacity, noting that many people complained that the website would sometimes crash.

“But we’ve really made the search options far more flexible, people can enter their basic information, the dates they’re thinking of going, they can choose a park if they want a specific park, or they can just leave it open to throughout BC.”

The new service opens up at 7 AM, but people can create accounts and save booking preferences now.

Reservations can be done up to two months before your desired arrival date at most campgrounds.

Group campsite reservations can begin on Thursday (March 24th), and a detailed list of operating dates and reservable dates can be found here.

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