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Water Main Flushing to start next month

The Town of Smithers is scheduled to be conductings its Water Main Flushing program in the coming weeks.

It will start on May 2 and run until June 3.

According to the Town, two weeks before the program will start chlorine will be added to the system in controlled quantities, to disinfect iron bacteria, silts and other substances that have settled out of the water and have become lodged in the distribution system.

It added that users will probably be able to detect the taste or odor of chlorine until approximately June 10.

The Town said the quantity of chlorine injected into the system may produce a concentration up to 2 milligrams per litre but it will not be injurious to your health.

Water users who are finding the taste or odour objectionable will be able to dissipate it by allowing a container of water to stand with the surface uncovered for a short time or by boiling the water for a few minutes.

The Town advised anyone who sees their taps have become coloured or dirty to run the taps continuously for a period of time and the problem should clear up.

Staff say running taps before doing laundry and avoiding the use of chlorine bleach during the program will minimize the possibility of laundry staining caused by manganese.

Anyone who has a problem with the taste, colour or odour is encouraged to contact the Works and Operations department.

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