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Program with Coast Mountain College promotes learning from home

Houston and Witset are among over 20 communities involved with a program to provide courses to students in rural and remote communities.

This is a partnership between company Contact North and Coast Mountain College (CMNT).

According to spokesperson Heather Bastin, this program provides assistance in courses, IT help and student support at the locations.

She said that it is important to offer these services so people do not have to leave their home communities.

“People have families, they want to stay close to their families and their communities and their support but, they still want to access education, so the Contact North BC program allows people to do that which is really positive,” Bastin said.

She added that residents are excited about the program.

Bastin said that the program is in its third year.

“It’s been growing each year and we’re just really excited to see the increase of the uptake and we’re looking forward to many more years of offering a lot of interesting programs to people where they can stay home and enjoy their communities,” she said.

Bastin added that this program is suited for people who live in the North.

Additionally, Contact North BC is also being provided in Kispiox, Hagwilget and Gitanmaax.

Anyone looking for more information is being encouraged to go on the college’s website.

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