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HomeNewsICBC reminds drivers to take care out there during Easter long weekend

ICBC reminds drivers to take care out there during Easter long weekend

The first long weekend of spring will likely see some increased traffic on our roads and highways in the north.

ICBC is reminding drivers to stay safe out there by being well-rested and making sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition.

Road Safety Manager, Doug MacDonald told Vista Radio motorists should brace for a mixed bag of conditions.

“Some folks are going to be experiencing in their travels this weekend varied types of weather. So, we are going to see some snow in locations throughout the north, some rain, and temperatures above or below zero – the roads we are going to be driving on will be all different.”

During this time, an average of three people are killed and 610 are injured in 24-hundred crashes province-wide.

On average, 22 people are injured in 140 crashes every year in the North Central Region during the Easter long weekend.

“The big thing is, make sure you are well-rested. If you are going to be driving a distance, make sure of the fact you are well-rested – if there is someone else in the vehicle that can share some of the driving, switch drivers every couple of hours, get out and stretch your legs and make sure of the fact you are ready to drive for all the things you will find on the roadway,” said MacDonald.

He added with the days getting longer and temperatures slowly warming up, this also means the return of wildlife.

“The amount of deer that are on the road and highways helping themselves for some food and it’s remarkable the number of animals that are out there. They blend in so easily, especially around dawn and dusk they are harder to see.”

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